What is Q-BICON?

Q-BICON (Competences for tomorrows energies: A Qualification scheme for BIomass CONsultancy) is an innovation project funded from 2012-2014 by the European Commission in its Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

Q-BICON targets at the development of a qualification framework for a vocational training to become a bioenergy consultant. The training will provide state of the art knowledge for a sustainable utilization of bioenergy regarding economical and ecological aspects.

Q-BICON involves expert institutions and training providers from Austria, Germany, Hungary and Poland.

What are the Q-BICON main goals?

  1. detailed demand analysis for the partner countries
  2. blended learning curriculum following latest teaching methods
  3. elaboration of state of the art teaching contents and materials
  4. test of the new training in an open and free-of-charge pilot course certified according ISO 17024

Why focus on BIOENERGY?

The massive increase of renewable energies is a declared objective of European politics. Thereby, fostering the utilization of bioenergy is considered as a key to an energy turnaround and the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

While biomass is the most important renewable energy source in Europe today, the comparison between countries shows wide differences with regard to the utilization of bioenergy. These differences are also linked to the available issue-specific state of knowledge.

Q-BICON follows up the previous EU-project COACH BioEnergy, that identified a lack of specific bioenergy expertise on the levels of multipliers and decision-makers in economy and administration, causing a bottleneck for the EU-wide growth of the bioenergy sector.

Adopting the lack of suitable trainings, a consortium of partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary and Poland