06/2013: Partner meeting in Budapest

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After lively discussions and a lovely Danube boat trip, the partners reached the goal to further shape the Q-BICON training scheme. Following the results of the demand analysis the training will be tailored to the needs of professionals with a profound practical experience in the fields of bioenergy. Addressed are especially skilled employees and decision makers from public and private sector, as well as NGOs.

Potential participants work in the following fields in particular:

  • Waste disposal, technical and building services
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Spatial planning and architecture
  • Energy providers and municipal utilities
  • Organizations and associations related to (bio)energy

Respecting these groups training demands the curriculum will include 4 main modules:

  1. (Understanding) energy systems,
  2. Sustainable utilization of biomass for energy purposes,
  3. Project management, legal framework and funding programmes and
  4. Communication and participation (regarding stakeholders).

The access requirements for the Q-BICON training are:

  • A Bachelor degree or
  • at least 3 years of practical experience in one of the modules 1-3

...the Q-BICON team during the 2nd project meeting hosted by ENERGIAKLUB in Budapest.