04/2013: First milestone achieved!

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To develop the Q-BICON training as close to the market as possible, intensive surveys among bionergy experts were performed in all partner countries.

Central questions for the later development of the training schedule and contents were:

  • What is the state of the art of technology in the national bioenergy markets?
  • Which knowledge do bioenergy consultants lack up until today?
  • Which specific requirements do potential participants have with regard to the topics of the vocational training in bioenergy?

Some important results of questionnaires and interviews in brief:

  • Interviewees were generally very open-minded towards the Q-BICON training approach
  • Almost all interviewees said, that the training should cover
    • technical andnatural science basics of biomass utilization,
    • energy law,
    • funding and subsidies.
  • Many were interested in the topics
    • sustainability strategies and
    • soft skills.

Furthermore, the survey results show that the respondents up until now usually have competences only in particular fields of expertise. Thus, energy consultants often lack specific knowledge in the field of bioenergy, while bioenergy experts do only rarely have consultant competences or lack knowledge in energy law.