07/2014: ADAM likes Q-BICON!

You know ADAM, the web portal for Leonardo da Vinci projects? This database guides you through thousands of LLL projects and allows you to give likes for your favorite products. But do you also know, which project got the most fans? It´s Q-BICON, with 874 Likes! You find everything about ADAM and it´s "top project" in the July 2014 newsletter.

08/2013: Newsletter No. 1

See our first newsletter for interesting news about Q-BICON project!

06/2013: Partner meeting in Budapest

On the 26th and 27th of June the Q-BICON partners came together in Budapest. Most important task was the finalization of the training target groups, entry requirements and modules.

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04/2013: First milestone achieved!

With the completion of the detailed market and demand analysis Q-BICON achieved its first milestone!

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02/2013: Market analysis performed

In January and February the Q-BICON consortium performed an intensive market analysis in all partner countries. To identify the market demands of potential participants in the Q-BICON training, surveys and interviews with bioenergy experts from research centres, companies and associations were performed to gather their estimations on technological trends and qualification demands.